Dressing Sexy When it's Cold Outside

I think it's weird that February is supposed to be this month of romance. I mean, when I think romance, I don't really think of huge winter coats and freezing my butt off. But hey, maybe you've got a hot date this month and want to look sexy, or maybe you just want to look sexy for YOURSELF and see what happens! Either way, I fully support adding a little spring into your step (springy steps increase your body heat) this winter by snazzing it up in the wardrobe department. Here are some simple ways you can sex up your wardrobe, or just get a little flirty during the chilly month of February.

Flirty & Flowy

There's something so fun about wearing a flowy, floaty, or maybe even a tad fluffy gown, especially in the winter when your first inclination is to NOT go for this kind of thing. But guess what? You can wear tights, or even double tights under a maxi skirt or dress and no one will be the wiser, since your legs are 100% covered. I also think these light-as-air fabrics look amazing when you play the opposites game on top: think cozy sweaters and leather jackets. Just make sure you show a bit of waist by wearing a cropped or belted coat or else you may drift into less sexy bag-lady territory.


Leather is Always Sexy

You know it and I know it: leather is pretty dang sexy. It doesn't have to be real or expensive either, it just has to have that slight sheen and that sharp tailored touch. Leather gives off an in-control vibe that oozes sexiness and intrigue. Try wearing leather instead of denim skinny jeans with your everyday outfits for a little extra punch, or mix your flirty skirt with a leather jacket. Bonus points for those of you with over-the-knee leather boots. POW!


Confident Color

Your outerwear can actually be flirty and sexy too, especially if you give it a pop of color. Bright color gets you noticed and being comfortable getting noticed involves a touch of confidence, and what, I ask, is more sexy and appealing than confidence? You can wear black head to toe and throw on a punchy peplum jacket or just invest in a color you love that makes you feel happy! You'll have fun wearing something so cheerful-looking and you'll probably have fun getting a few compliments too.

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