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Spring/Summer Layering

I have a serious affinity for the bizzare-o temps that come with Spring having sprung here in Austin. 75-to-80-something during the day, then back down into the 50's at night. What a treat! ...And perhaps also a dilemma for those of us that keep our schedules rolling from work to play without missing a beat. It seems reasonable to ditch the jacket by day, but oh how quickly the tables turn when the sun goes down and you're halfway through Happy Hour on a patio, shivering your buns off because Mother Nature tricked you yet again. And don't even get me started on Summer! Hot as hell when commuting, lunching or just lazing around on an off day, but then you enter a building. Any ol' building, and it's an AC-in-overdrive, arctic nightmare and of course you didn't bring a jacket because it's goshdang Texas in July and why would you? Well friends, check it out: A whole catalog with our top picks this season for light layers in warm-weather friendly materials, thoughtfully chosen with you in mind. Yes, YOU!


When it comes to warm weather, be sure you're choosing the right materials to further arm you for a sudden case of the Sweatys. Look for layers in the way of cotton, linen, chambray or silk and avoid pieces made from polyester, nylon and satin. Dive in to the complete Catalog HERE and let us know which ones you'd rock!

Want one on one help?

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