Date Style Made Easy've got a date! Maybe it's with someone you already know is going back home with you, or maybe it's a 3rd encounter or internet-sourced first date. Either way, a date is a fun excuse to step up your style game and get yourself into something a little flirty, romantic, or extra-touchable.

Of course if this is a date with someone new, your nerves are going to be on high, but fear not. I've got some super-easy tips for planning your outfit so you can relax a little and try to concentrate on wooing him or her with your words, eyes, or just sitting back and listening (which can also be pretty fun).

Amp Up the Texture

Think about it, do you or do you not want to be touched by your date? I mean, maybe just a little arm squeeze or something? Well, we are all tactile creatures, and what better way to encourage a little mild stroke of the forearm than with your super-soft or extra-textured getup?

Luckily, as the cooler weather approaches, there will be plenty of opportunities to wear a touchable sweater, a little velvet, or some kind of inviting texture. Guys can try brushed-cotton sport coats, or a super cozy cashmere sweater. Just make sure you keep your super-soft items balanced with more structured ones so you don't end up too puffy!


Add Some Romance

A date can also be a fun opportunity to get a little more literal with the romance by wearing something fun, flowy, or with a flirty print (the three Fs!). Be bold by wearing something red or pink, or try pairing a floral skirt with that leather jacket. Add some softness with a draped blouse, or employ your slinky silk dress if you're heading somewhere fancy.

I love playful outfit combos too, you know, the ones that combine two seemingly opposite styles. Pairing something feminine with something masculine, or something bold with something more basic is an easy way to show a little more of your personality to your partner.


Flatter Your Favorites

Of course, the key ingredient to any successful date outfit is confidence, because what is sexier than that? Amp up your style swagger by wearing the pieces that best showcase what you love most about your body. Show off your favorite features by drawing attention to your face, curves, or hot legs with your clothing

A sleek black top paired with an embellished skirt will draw attention to your waist and legs, and a statement necklace will keep them looking at your face, for instance. I love Mindy's covered-up, but still sexy outfit (above)! Of course, you can also distract from the parts you'd rather now show off, too. Think blousy belly hiding tops with shorter or more fitted bottoms.


Got yourself a hot date, thinking about getting back out there, or just want to spice things up in general? Let me help you wrangle your wardrobe into submission (or whatever you're into). Contact me today for a free consult!

All Images via PINTEREST