The Unique Wedding Guest

Wedding season is upon us! So what will you wear this year? I am all for recycling the same dress over a few different weddings, but I think you should make it a dress you love to wear, and why not a super unique, super YOU dress (or outfit)? If you want to wear it several times over the summer, it's also got to be comfortable. No one loves being too hot and pulling at their outfit all evening.

This week, I've collected my favorite styles that will keep you cool, stylish, and classy no matter what type of wedding you're invited to this season.

Go Floral

It's been tricky to avoid floral prints this year, no matter what type of dress you're shopping for, so I say get on board. What better occasion is there for something super feminine, flirty, and cheerful like a floral print? You can go all out with a full floral skirt (the fullness keeps it cooler too), or a slimmer-cut shift in this type of print (just stick to stretchier fabrics so you can eat more). You really can't go wrong in a lightweight summer floral, especially since the busier the pattern, the better you will hide any wine, hors d'oeuvres, or sweat stains.


Create a Breeze

I love a sexy, well-placed cut-out and the easiest to pull off for most of us is the open or cut-out back. No matter what your age, you can totally show off a little back skin without feeling uncomfortable, and depending on the placement of the opening, you can enjoy the breeze without too much bra worry. Look for cut outs low or high on the back to avoid bra trouble, or grab those stick-on nude cups at Target and show as much back as you'd like. I know from experience that those sticky suckers stay on even when it's 100 degrees outside.


Offbeat Options

Sometimes you need an occasion to wear that too-dressy-for-real-life outfit you've been coveting, and summer weddings can be the perfect time to pull out that offbeat number. Since the season generally calls for something less serious, you can get away with a fun jumpsuit, a two-piece separates set, or even a dressed up pair of breezy culottes. When styling more daring outfits, keep your accessories and makeup classic and simple and make sure you're ready to dance because these outfits might induce extra fun!

Wondering how to translate your personal style into a great wedding outfit? Contact me for a consultation and save some time and energy this year!