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Dressing Just Got Easier

Do you waste a lot of time and money shopping for clothes, only to end up wearing a whopping 30% of what's inside your closet? Do you have a style hangover from years of fast-fashion consumption that has left you feeling gross, broke, and empty inside? Are you in a place in your life where you're more interested in investing in long-lasting, quality items you can wear again and again?

As many of you awesome readers know, I've been experimenting with minimalist dressing for a few months now. The Capsule Styling Service was born out of a personal experiment that began when I changed sizes and realized it was going to be too overwhelming (& expensive) to replace my entire wardrobe. I read up on the Capsule Wardrobe concept, gave it whirl, and was hooked (Unfancy does a great job of breaking down the basic rules). The process of whittling down my seasonal wardrobe to about 40 interchangeable pieces (including shoes) not only made getting dressed far quicker, easier, and more creative, it also enlightened me to aspects of my personal style I wasn't aware of until I tried it!

Of course, after 5 months of using a capsule wardrobe personally AND working with 10 capsule guinea pig clients, I can comfortably share how this new service works, and who it works best FOR. So read on to find out if a Capsule Wardrobe could benefit you!

You're Ready to Get Intentional

Do you feel all over the place when it comes to your style? One day you're buttoned-up and conservative, another day creative and edgy, and when asked to describe your style you can't figure out what the heck to say? Does packing for a trip take you hours because you simply don't know how you'll feel each day, and you overpack becasue you can't decide how to narrow your wardrobe down AT ALL? Or maybe you have a solid idea of what your favorite outfits are, but need help making the rest of your wardrobe rise to favorite-status.

A capsule wardrobe, with it's limited number of pieces, forces us to take a hard look at what we REALLY ACTUALLY LOVE to wear. Most of us stick to using only a fraction of what we own anyway, so this process allows us to let go of what doesn't work and to use what does to its fullest. When we are clear on what works, we can build our capsule wardrobe in a positive, intentional way. The pieces we add will be strategic and guilt-free because we will have gotten super clear on our intentions. If you're ready to think hard on what you really want to say with your clothes, and want to free yourself of the only ok stuff, a capsule wardrobe could be right for you!

You're Too Busy to Think

Now let's get back to the packing thing. There's nothing like a 5 day trip to really force us to think about our personal style. We have to account for our moods, our company, how much walking we have to do, and the confines of our suitcase. When you've got a 40-piece interchangeable capsule wardrobe, you already know what your most comfortable, most favorite outfits are, so getting dressed each day is simple, and packing is even simpler.

One capsule client gushed that she didn't know what to do with herself before a recent trip because it "literally took me 5 minutes to get all my outfits together...I didn't even have to think!" When you know what you love, and do the work up front to create your capsule wardrobe, getting dressed is ridiculously easy, and packing just means getting out your suitcase. If you're ok with thinking now, then saving tons of time by not thinking later, let's get you a capsule wardrobe!

You Want Clothes Connections

This last part is what really sold me on committing to capsule dressing. I love to use style as a means of communication. I love that I can say that I'm thoughtful, trustworthy, and creative by wearing the outfit that shouts it for me. I also love that each of us has the power to dress in a way that showcases (or whispers) our unique point of view, which is why I love being a stylist to begin with!

As we grow up, and become clearer on who we are and what we want to say, it only follows that our wardrobes should be honed in as well. For me, narrowing my closet down to only the clothes that really connect for me was such a pleasant surprise! It made me feel more confident in my choices, more grounded in who I am, and simply more connected with what I wear. Each day when I get dressed I feel this sense of freedom that comes from no longer second-guessing myself; I know that no matter what I put on I will feel like me. I'm so excited to be able to pass this feeling along to you!

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The people have spoken!

"I love walking into a closet of fewer and better options! Laurel has been great at helping me pare down to what I really love and what feels fun to wear. Fewer decisions to make, and I’m feeling more creative with what it’s in front of me each morning." -Julie, Austin

"Paring down my wardrobe to a capsule of things I really love has improved my outlook about getting dressed. No more looking past clothes I'm sick of or feeling like I should be wearing stuff I just don't want to wear anymore. Laurel helped me pick a few, not a lot, of great, really flexible, pieces and then made me a Look Book that put items together in simple outfits, but in combinations that wouldn't have dawned on me." -Kim, Austin

Ready to Get Intentional this Summer?

Whether you're local to Austin or anywhere in the world, read more about the Capsule Styling Service HERE & sign up for a Free Consult with me right HERE. The Capsule Service is available both person & virtually.