stylish holiday break ideas

Stylish Holiday Break Ideas

I wanted to take a moment to say happy holidays to you all, and to thank everyone for being a part of what's become my business' biggest year yet! When I wrote out my goals for 2014 at the beginning of the year, I could never have anticiapted how much would change for me, and I truly appreciate your being along for the ride.

I hope you have a super holiday season, and if you're getting a little time off, I thought I would share a few ways you might spend your downtime stylishly!

Overdress Yourself

So, my last post discussed how to look cute while staying comfortable, but there may come a time when you tire of your sweatpants. You might feel weird being the only one in floral palazzo pants--so make plans to go out with your special guy, gal, or pal, to get all gussied up for a night out. Why not be the snazziest pair at the dive bar over the holidays, or the dressiest couple at the Hot Wings restaurant? Think about all the money you spent on your favorite dress or suit and how little you actually wear it...why wait?


Consider Your Closet

A great benefit of lazy time off is that you get to tackle neglected projects around the house. If your closet is in serious need of some pruning and organization, why not make a date with your wardrobe? Take stock of what you're wearing, not wearing, and what looks stained or pilled. Make a pile to donate, a pile to alter. Purchase some matching velvet hangers to make everything uniform, arrange those clothes by color, and you'll feel ready for a new year! It also helps to have your favorite Spotify channel playing, maybe a bottle of wine, and perhaps your personal stylist on hand.


Write Down Those Plans

The end of year break is a perfect time to think about what you've learned over the past year & what you plan to do in 2015, but why not add a stylish slant to your goal-making? For me, 2014 was a year of professional growth, so I reflected that by adding in a lot of structure and blazers to my wardrobe. This next year, I want to balance my hustle with more openness to change, so I plan to add more feminine pieces to the mix. Who do YOU want to be and what are you gonna wear in 2015?

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