3 Big Reasons to De-Clutter Your Closet (& Life)

This post was written by Josie Floyd, the founder of Superfine, a NYC-based home and life organization service. A former experiential marketing executive, Josie’s combined her production expertise and lifelong passion for minimalism to help people transform their personal spaces. Follow Josie on Instagram for daily inspiration on how to achieve simplicity, create beauty, and find peace of mind.

Overflowing closets are a common source of frustration. If you can’t see what you own, you’ll never wear it, right? We recommend re-evaluating the contents of your wardrobe on a quarterly basis to ensure the clothing you own still serves you. If not, let it go! Need a little motivation to tackle that closet? Read on for a short list of the ways in which you will benefit from purging your closet -- or any area of your home for that matter.



If you have a clear space that you can easily navigate, you will have more free time. Do you know where you’re currently storing your bathing suit and passport? Owning less and keeping it accessible and visible allows you to quickly recall where it’s located. On average, you will spend a total of 6 months of your life looking for lost items. Time is one of the most universally treasured commodities; despite other differences and priorities, it is something we all value it immensely.



When you declutter you’ll spend less and save more. Why? When you know and can find what you already have, you buy less. Ever bought something even though you knew you had a similar version somewhere but you didn’t know exactly where? We’ve all been there.


It’s not just physical space-- less clutter helps reduce cortisol in your brain, a stress-related hormone. According to Houselogic, a team from UCLA's Center on Everyday Lives and Families studied 32 Californian families and the multitude of objects in their home. They found that women who live in a cluttered environment are likely to have high levels of cortisol. The Mayo Clinic points out that overexposure to cortisol can disrupt "almost all your body's processes," and has been associated with an increased risk of anxiety, digestive problems, heart disease, and weight gain, among other issues.

As you can see, decluttering your life and home won’t just boost efficiency, it can help you be both happier and healthier. It’s a truly win-win scenario!

Thanks, Josie!!

Artwork by Stacy Antoville / Photo Credit: Style Bee